FS: modded Street Fighter Anniversary Stick

I’m selling my Street Fighter Anniversary Stick.

It has black Happ buttons with the L1 and L2 plugged. The stick is a P360 (http://www.retroblast.com/Hardware/RetroBlast-Review-Happ-Controls-Perfect-360-Optical-Joystick.php) powered through a USB cord. I’m going to include a dc-dc converter so that if you’re interested in modding the stick so it doesn’t need the usb, then you can have it installed yourself.

I’ve only owned this stick for less than a year and it still has the original box and poster, all of which are in good condition.


my loss is your gain.



I’ve been getting some email regarding what a P360 is. For more information click here: http://www.retroblast.com/Hardware/RetroBlast-Review-Happ-Controls-Perfect-360-Optical-Joystick.php

they want to really know if its a wico or one of the new happ 360. just open up the case if u can and take a picture of the base of the joystick and people will know

Well in my case I though P360 was modded for the 360. I R foolish noob.

this is the dc-dc converter. unopened.


the original box, manual AND poster


top down picture of the plugged L1 and L2 buttons and the black Happ buttons. you can also see the additional usb plub to insert into your PS2.


the inside. yes its ghetto looking, but it gets the job done. you can see the p360 joystick.



Ill Pay For Shipping & Handling!!!

pm sent.

Super sweet deal of the p360 works. Even if it doesn’t you can just swap it out for a comp or ultimate and it’s still a sweet deal. I’d be all over this if I didn’t have an SF:AC stick already. Cool stuff.

If Erikstanton hasn’t already offered, I’ll buy it. PM the address so that I can send the money order. Thanks.

^ go ahead.

Sent you a PM…if its still available let me know. I really need a usb stick!

awesome, i’ll send the money order as soon as i get an address to mail it to ::nudges Animal Style Fries:: Thanks!