FS: Modded T5 Stick


I have a couple of these lying around so I modded one up and putting it up on the selling block. Here are the pics.

Stick: HAPP Competition
Buttons : Six OBSF-30 (purple) / Hori 24mm

The paint is a little messed so I am asking 80$ shipped. It’s got the regular hori T5 PCB in the but for extra cost of controller I can wire it up to any console format. I know EVO is coming up so I’ll be modding a couple more of these in the coming week. Thanks for looking.


pm sent


Awesome pic dude. Can I get a link to it?


Wow, that’s pretty hot. PM sent…


is that mine D:?
looks sweet ;p


REMY STICK is sold to tech_throw!


BUUMP!! New stick up.


pm sent