FS modded T5 stick

EDIT: NOW ACCEPTING TRADES – I’m looking for a nintendo DS.

I had a few offers on this but I think both people fell through so I’m relisting again. Modded T5 stick, all new sanwa parts.

Asking 120 shipped

if one would like you to put art on the stick, how much would it be then?

i might be interested. i’m just a little hesitant on buying anything before i get my mailing address for this academic year.

sorry streak, I can’t put on custom artwork for you. What you see right now is a custom paintjob btw.

as usual quality work. someone pick this up from chipper.

im interested. could you hold it for me for a day and ill let you know within the next day if ill be able to follow through?

ah, it’s cool, no worries. lesterrr can have it, since it looks like he’s ready to buy it really soon.

it’s a great stick anyway.