FS: Modded T5 US, FS3, 360 DOA 4, or Wii Fighting stick all Sanwa or Happ SD Area


I have a number of T5 sticks I will be modding in the next two weeks. I have enough parts for a 6 button mod with two plugs and one JLF with a 8 way gate. Select and start will still be the hori buttons.
Here are some pics of ones I recently sold.

The stick will look like the first pic. The same color parts but only 6 buttons and two plugs.

I will sell the 6 button mod for $125.
If you want eight buttons or diff colors you can choose from whatever lizardlick has in stock. Sanwa, or semitsu snap-ins only. Eight buttons would make the price $135. Of course you would need to either send them to me or paypal me the funds to get diff color parts.

I also have enough parts on hand for an all black Happ competition stick and button mod.$125 for 6 buttons $135 for eight. If you want diff colors, then the same condtions apply as with the sanwa parts.
Other Services
I also will mod your stick if you already have one. If you have all the parts already I charge a $60 modding fee.
Definition of Mod listed above.
*Installation of stick and buttons
*Soldering wires with quick disconnects to the included PCB
#No other modification is included in that $60 price. See below for other available modifications/services and prices.
If you don’t have the parts, you can paypal me the money to get them, buy them and see if lizard lick will ship them to me, or have them shipped to your place and send it all to me at once.

Soldering PCBs ranges from $20-$40. This does not include the price of the PCBs. I will not solder the official PS3 or X360 controllers as they are too much of a hassle and third party options are easily available. For the X360 the newer micro sized Gamestop brand pads, or your Hori X360 stick (DOA4, FSEX2) are what I will solder. I haven’t decided on a PS3 pad I prefer to solder, as the pelican adapter should fit most people’s needs.

I also do the formica mod I have outlined in my tutorial shown here. It is $20 for that service. I have black, red, grey, wood grain and granite formica available right now. See sample pics below.

I can also paint your top plate any color that is easily available at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc. That service is $30. I use at least three coats of paint and sand with 2000 grit emery cloth between coats, and hand buff the final coat. When selecting a paint color, be aware that any glossy paint shows fingerprints easily and any dark color shows every scratch.

I can also make a new metal top plate with the 1 player japanese cabinet 6 button layout, or a custom one of your choosing.
1p jap cab 6b layout- $30
Custom layout- $40

If you live within 15 miles of east county San Diego, I will be willing to meet you somewhere to pick-up deliver your parts/stick. Any farther than that please use the shipping method you prefer.

Shipping Prices
The link below is for the USPS postage calculator. Please use it to get an idea of what a 12lb package will cost to mail to your location.
USPS postage Calc


Price adjustment

I lowered the price a bit and added some other options. I check the thread a couple times a day, so if I left out some details you need, let me know here or through PM.


What parts are on that T5 stick you just sold? http://lh6.google.com/urbigbro/RwStQitnN0I/AAAAAAAAABY/4iGPyQ0nSZI/Sanwaparts-installed.JPG?imgmax=576


looks like sanwa jlf
obsf 30 dark hai
maybe the stock hori 24mm start and select?


That is exactly what is put in there.
Thanks for the business Arthur! Enjoy the stick!
I have also recently devised a way to use formica to replace the plastic top of the T5. I have used it to cover the button holes instead of button plugs. A short tutorial will be placed in the appropriate section, but some preliminary pictures have been added to my picasa web account under the title T5 formica mod. I will offer this mod also if there is demand.


hmmm any way I can just buy pre cut formica? I am from San Diego.


As stated in the thread for the Formica mod tutorial it is nearly impossible to line up the formica with the metal plate on the first try. With contact cement you only get one try. If you try to use vertical grade formica without glueing it down you’ll find that it won’t lay perfectly flat. It is also not very strong unless glued.
That being said I would be more than happy to sell you a rough cut piece that is a few inches bigger on all sides. You of course would need to glue it, cut and file the holes.
Another option would be for you to give me your metal plate and I can do all that for your for $20. The formica colors I have available now are the grey in the tutorial, navy blue and an ivoryish color. I hope to have black, and plain white available soon. I also have one grey top plate already available now to whoever wants it for $15. (Not the one in the pic, since I accidentally scratched it with the file near the end of the project. Doh!)

BTW, I also have recently purchased the lexan of the proper thickness to use on these type of Hori sticks. Once I finish one lexan mod I will start offering it precut, if it comes out to my standards I think I price it at $25-30.
I now also offer precut metal plates that have different layouts availabe. I will start with the Jap 1p arcade layout (aka HRAP 2), then expand to offer any custom layout that anyone wants. I believe $30 for a Jap 1p arcade layout is fair. Custom layouts would be more according to the complexity. If a formica top is desired it would be $10 more. A painted top would be $15 more. I will have example pics of painted top plates up in a few days. Oohh, shiny!


Hey urbigbro let me know when you get the plain white. Also I have a broken Ps2 someone gave me… laser seems to be out and the front part of the tray is missing. How much to fix the laser? Or are you willing to trade it for some pre cut formica?


I just picked up black, red, granite, and wood grain, today. See the first post for pics. Unfortunately I didn’t get any plain white today. I will try to get some next week.
Again I would like to state that a pre-cut piece would do you no good as even professional cabinet makers apply a piece of formica that is larger than the surface they are going to put it on. Then they trim it to size.

If the PS2 is an old Fat kind I will install the formica for you in trade for it. If it is a slim it would depend on the version. If you want the PS2 repaired I can do it for $30.


The Ps2 is the old fat kind version 7 which i hear is the best version to have (out of the fat ones) I will get back to you when i get back from irvine this monday.


Hey urbigbro can you PM me you cell number so I can contact you.


urbigbro modded me and my friend’s t5 sticks and they turned out amazing. did a great job and it was pretty quick. thanks todd, good shit. my stick is the red and black one in the pic above and my friend’s stick is the black and white one.


Thanks for the kind words A-Bom! I’m glad you two like your sticks.
I just want to let anyone still looking to buy one of my modded sticks that I only have one more left to offer, after it is gone I will be modding a Hori Fighting Stick EX2 for the 360. When I get done with it I’ll be offering it for sale. I think I may let go of it for around $150.

My modding services are still available though.
I will also within the next few weeks be starting to build a stick from hardwood, with a metal and plexi top plate. More details will follow when I start building it.


About your Soldering PCBs, is the price per PCB or as a whole(in bulk)? I’m planning on buying quite a few PSX controllers, and I want to learn how to build sticks out of them(especially using swana and the Seimitsu parts). Want to send three or four of them.


That’s $20 just to solder a PSX PCB with one foot of wire and .110 quick disconnects for six buttons (your choice which six) and wires for each direction. I will wire a Sanwa JLF harness onto the PCB if you provide it. Again this price does not include the PSX PCB as PS1 DS PCBs are getting extremely hard to find at a decent price. If you want eight buttons soldered then it would be $25. PM me if you have questions specific to your application.


Sorry It has been a while since I’ve had time to mod any sticks lately. I will be modding a couple more with the very few parts I have on hand, and offering them here. Right now I have a PS2 T5, 2 PS3 FS3s, a 360 DOA 4 stick, and a Wii Fighting Stick. All of these are Hori brand and will be modded in the order written, unless someone wants me to mod a certain one right now. PM me if that happens to be you. Right now I only have black sanwa, and Happ parts to go in these sticks. If you happen to have buttons and sticks, that you want me to put in one of these let me know. I will not be buying any additional parts in the near future.


How much is the DOA4 stick? (not like I could afford it anyway)


Any details on the new metal top plate? material, how’s it cut, joystick mounting holes, if mounting holes are they countersunk, etc. . . .


Jap 1p layout metal/formica top pic added. Sorry for low rez, phone cam:(

@Taoku- If you just want the stock stick I can sell it for my cost of $50 plus shipping. I won’t get to modding it till I finish the sticks I have already started (T5 PS2).

@codyk- The plates are cut with a jigsaw for now. I plan on getting my friend with a cnc machine to cut them relatively soon. The holes are square just as the original plates. They must be this way so the carriage bolts don’t just spin in place. If you planned on using machine screws I could make round countersunk holes if needed.


i think ill defenetly be intrested…ill check with the thread to see when you will have available…do you accept money orders?