FS: Modded Tekken 5 stick with Sanwa parts (Price Drop!)

Hey guys,

I have a Tekken 5 stick that I need to get rid of quickly.


  1. Tekken 5 stick case

  2. Dark hai Sanwa buttons. OBSF-30. For start and select, Dark blue OBSF-24. L2 and L1 have been plugged with Sanwa OBSM button plugs.

  3. JLF stick with dark hai balltop.

  4. Restrictor of your choice. Square or octagonal.

  5. Tekken 5 PCB.

  6. Custom Basilisk art.

The buttons are almost brand new, but the the stick is used, because I took it out of my HRAP 2. The art has 1-2 minor imperfections, nothing major. The stick plays great, but I am in need of another stick. Can’t play too good with the JLF.

Pics will be up later. The price is $100 shipped. I only accept paypal. Will only ship in the US.

Some pics: (So sorry for the shitty quality pics)


Minor nick:


PM me, if you’re interested or have any questions.



how about some pics?

Bump. Pics added.

Bump. Price drop.

Bump. Price Drop.

Now $110 Shipped.

Need to get rid of this fast.

If the price seems to high, pm me and we’ll work something out.


its not that pricey considering its modded with good parts.

thats not pricey at all. i sold mine for $125 and it had more work done (new paint job, plexi on top, start select buttons moved) Good deal for anyone in need of a stick fast and cheap.


Thanks Urth,

Yet another Price drop.

Now going for $100 Shipped.

this may well strike you as a dumb question but are the buttons/stick quick disconnects now that you’ve replaced them, or still soldered in? i ask because i’m specifically looking for something with 8 buttons (4-in-a-row for kof) but it’s no big deal if i can easily slap in new buttons where L1/R1 have been removed

I soldered the wires to the button tabs, so you won’t have to mess with the pcb. All you have to do is de-solder the wires soldered to the button tabs, and re-solder the same wires with the new buttons. Or, If you want, you could always add Quick disconnects. Sorry, If that didn’t help.

stupid question you taking any trades?!?!??!?! or anything this is steal

I’m up for trades. MVC2 for PS2? Possibly?

Sorry, no trades. I really need cash, cause damn, I’m broke and I have to get a new transmission installed for my car.

just wondering, have you found some sort of arrangement yet (borrowing a friend’s car, taking a couple hours off work, whatever works best for you i guess) to allow you to get around the issue you’ve mentioned with shipping?

Check your PM.