FS: Modded Tekken 5 Stick

This was a project I just never got around to finishing. The case was sanded/primed/sanded/primed/painted and repainted so it came out looking decent. The case is painted a dark red.

Top metal panel had the sticker peeled off, all residue cleaned off. The metal panel is smooth and ready for your paint/art/whatever. Buttons holes had the tabs grinded off so that Seimitsu’s could fit. I’ve got a brand new set of Seimitsu black rim with white plunger buttons in it.

Sony DS PCB included. It’s been hacked, you just need to attach the QD’s to the buttons.

No stick included but it’s otherwise ready to go. I just wanted to check interest, I’ll post price and pictures tonight when I get off work. Probably going to be around $50-$70.