I’m doing a lot of housecleaning and thinning out my gaming/arcade stuff, so here is what I have to offer…prices do not including shipping, I’d rather deal in local pickup (meet at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL).

I’d rather sell here then list on eBay, none of of these are listed on eBay yet.

All of my Evo/B3/B4 collection:

haven’t played the tapes in years, and don’t have a VCR to test…100.00 SOLD


FS3 - 30.00 TTT PSX - 30.00 (SOLD) HRAP EX-SE: 80.00 (SOLD) TE S+: 120.00 (has been tri-modded, dual modded with Cerberus, and also has a toggle switch that switches over to XBox One, XBone padhack installed by Phreakmods)

                                             -- price dropped to 110 on the TES+ --

Hori RAP4 Kai, used maybe 10 hours - 90.00 SOLD

TE kitty:

Kitty for sure works, not sure about the regular TE PCB: 35.00 SOLD

VLX kitty,

never installed, 40.00 (SOLD)


Works, pulled from a stick a few months ago - 30.00

All prices are OBO - PM me. I’m more likely to work with you if you’re local and can pick soon @ GGA.


yooo it’s not everyday you see a whole collection of Evo videos dating back to the Battle by the Bay series. real cool


What’s the hardware version of the PS360+


PM sent.


Not sure, I’ll check when I get home from work and let you know.


HRAP EX-SE, EVO Dvd’s/B3/4 tapes, and VLX Kitty SOLD!!




Mill take the TOTAL PSX STICK. Check your pm.


Stupid phone pad. I pm you about the TTT PSX STICK. Thanks.


responded to your PM


PMed for PS360+


Payment sent for TTT PSX. Thank you. Shipping instructions inside pm.


HRAP 4 Kai sold, sorry to those that PMd me about it, I forgot to edit this post reflecting the sale!


Just got my PS360+. Thanks Han and shoutouts to GGA.


Received the TTT PSX STICK. So awesome. Thanks Han.

Buy with confidence. Great communication. Perfect transaction.


Received my TE Kitty super quick! Thanks for going above and beyond what I could ever expect. Absolute pleasure!


TE S+ price dropped to 110 - great deal for a tri-modded stick!

Other items marked sold.