FS - Mortal Kombat Shoalin Monks!

15 dollars. That’s including S&H. Must go. Mint condition, works perfectly.

I’ll give you $.50, no more.

you’re probably better off on ebay for that game than SRK… most of us are too biased to buy an MK game.

Shaolin Monks is the best Mortal Kombat ever made (because it is not a fighting game it is a beat 'em up) and the first playable one since Ultimate MK3. If I did not have it already I would buy it and I urge everyone else to give it a chance.

I’ll buy it Shade.

On one condition.

I want a custom sprite along with it~<3

Send me your paypal.


I thank you for your ‘assistance’, but don’t spam up sale threads with non inquiries. It’s not GD. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. You know I’m too lazy to sprite.:rofl:

Well I was serious, I would have bought it off of you, so I was hoping it was incentive enough to get you to do something.