FS: Moving sale -Joysticks & extras

I’m moving in the next week and I need to clear out these joysticks really soon. I will be adding more stuff during the week.

Seimetsu Ls32 w/ Happ Comp buttons PSX format

This has been beat up a little over the years. Just a couple minor knicks. This also comes wired with a DB15 connector. I’m looking for $100+shipping. If you want the artwork changed, it will be an extra 5$.

Happ P360 w/ Hori buttons PS1 format

Just a simple case, as with everything if you want artwork or different buttons it will be an extra cost. I’m looking for $100+shipping

Megalo 50 panel w/ Sanwa JLF &Seimetsu PS-K14 yellow PS1 format

My favourite joystick, This is an actual arcade panel from a Megalo50 cabinet. I have to let it go. the PS-K’s have fresh micro switches as of last week. Will also throw in a balltop colour of your choice is you dont want the white one.I’m looking for $130+shipping.


I have a couple of these lying around so I decided to mod 3 of them. This is the 3rd of the original batch. other 2 were sold. It is now PS1 format but I can change out PCBs for cost of controller to hack. SOLD

HORI HRAP3 MOD Sanwa JLF & Seimetsu PS-k PS3 format

I Modded this for someone and then they backed out. Comes with balltop and bat top. So same rules as all the others, can switch out PCB for cost of controller or are artwork for 5$. I’m looking for 95$+Shipping.

HORI T5 MOD HAPP COMP & Sanwa OBSF30 Xbox 360 format(Wired)

I did this a while back. It works really well on GGPO. The same rules apply as the rest artwork for 5$ and PCB change for cost of controller. I’m looking for 95$+shipping.

That Megalo stick is seeeerious. Although at the moment im not sure if i could afford it :frowning:

Ill let you know.

owh men, i just got an mp3 player last weekend

Are the buttons in that Megalo the old ones I traded to you? :tup:

Ya but I they had been sitting in the box of buttons collecting dust until last week. haha.

BUMP! another joystick added. I will add another tommorow.

i used that red and black red octane stick at evolution. jay jay let me use it… decent for marvel cuz of the japanese buttons…

pm’ed and ready

Well if that dude never gets back to you about the Hori 360 stick, I’d gladly be willing to buy it.

I’ll keep it on hold for him until Monday then its all yours Xombie.

Yes, No, Maybe? pmed ya. :confused:

BUMP! NewJoystick added.!

I should have another one up tommorow.

Most excellent, it would save me tons of trouble to get a hold of that.

How much shipping from you to 18466 zip code?

PM me, because i’m definitely interested in that.

PM sent

BUMP!! new joystick added. artwork change cost lowered.

how hard was it to get a comp stick in there?

Not very hard at all with the right tools.