FS: Moving Sale - Joysticks, Games, Random Parts

Hey guys,

I’m moving to a new and smaller place in 2 weeks. As such, I’m subsequently, organizing and selling off stuff to make this quick move a lot easier on myself. Because I’m hoping to sell more than just one item per customer, shipping is NOT INCLUDED in the prices. I will give you a total shipped price, after you figure out exactly what you want to buy.

Secondly, I will review the PMs I receive each day. Items will go to people who want more stuff, NOT who wants it first. So if person A wants just joystick 1 and person B wants joystick 1 and 2, person B will get them regardless of time of PM.

Modded DOA3 Stick (Xbox 360) - $140
Modded by me. Never used aside from testing. JLF with Sanwa buttons. One Seimitsu button for the Xbox button. Wired official 360 PCB with QDs. Custom plexi and artwork. I even made a headset port, but I think the gauge I used for it was too thick so it doesn’t work. I was going to get around to fixing this but just don’t have the time. Rest of the stick works perfectly and could be an easy fix for someone who has the time to do a bit of soldering.


Custom Sanwa Stick (PS/PS2) - $100 ON HOLD
Made by final_cut. I bought this from final the other month because it had a Flash1 in it. I took the Flash out and replaced it with a brand new JLF. I also secured the PCB in the case because it wasn’t before and added some rubber feet. Has octagon restrictor installed but also has square gate included.


Super Paper Mario - $30 ON HOLD
Mario Party 8 - $30 ON HOLD


Dreamcast Import
2 x Soul Calibur - $5 each or FREE with any joystick purchase
Capcom vs SNK - $5 or FREE with any joystick purchase
Virtua Fighter 3tb -$5 or FREE with any joystick purchase


FF7 GH - $50


DarkStalkers - $10
Death Jr - $5 or free with joystick purchase
Untold Legends - $5 or free with joystick purchase
Dave Chappelle: For All It’s Worth - $5 or free with joystick purchase
Nyko Theatre Experience Speaker/Battery Case - $25
Logitech Speakers - $10


Sega CD
Final Fight (no box) - $20
Panic! - $15
Trivial Pursuit - $15


I might add some other things so keep an eye out.


PM sent for an Agetec Stick.


Love that Viewtiful Joe stick. Wish I had money.

Updated today. A good amount of stuff is already sold or on hold. If I’ve held something for you, please remember that I need payment sent within 48 hours. Thanks.


25 bucks for wario ware for wii :slight_smile:

You are always trying to lowball me, Som. You can go to hell! Haha, I’ll trade it in at Gamestop to get Halo 3 today, more than likely.


Will take the random parts if the hold doesn’t come through.

i so wish i had extra cash lol

PM sent

Ditto. I would’ve chosen at least 3 items. :sad:

I’m having serious thoughts on the Modded DoA3 stick.

Well, I’ve now updated the thread and have removed anything that has been sold. A few stuff still up for grabs.


that x360 stick is pretty cool. what case was used.

pm sent

That whole if person A wants more than person B makes sense, since I guess you save on packing and shipping costs/time, but when it’s like 250 vs 280 and I’m ready to pay, I think that’s just shady.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I can see how you don’t like my policy, but I have no idea how you can call it “shady.” But let me explain my thoughts.

  1. If you don’t like my terms, then don’t buy anything. They were stated very clearly.

  2. You weren’t “ready to pay” because I gave you an estimate and you wanted me to ship with UPS, which required me to get another accurate quote because I didn’t want to over or undercharge you for shipping.

  3. When someone is willing spend more money, I think it’s common sense to sell it to them, especially when it’s someone says this will be the case.

  4. The other buyer was ACTUALLY ready to pay immediately, which he did after I gave him the same shipping quote as you. Not only was he spending more money, he was also making my life easier.

  5. I am busy right now with all that going on. The fact that you wanted me to use shipping company, requiring me to get another quote, go to their location just to drop off your package when I had 10 others to send out, is something I say is far more inconsiderate than what I did.

  6. This is a DIRECT quote from the PM you sent me after I said someone was spending more money and so I was selling it to him. “Okay, that sounds fine. I was going to turn it into a really cool boardmaster style supergun and I could pay immediately, but I suppose it’s best to let the best man win. Thanks man.” You didn’t complain about it directly to me but then days later you come here and complain in the thread. I think THAT is shady.

You couldn’t air out your problems or get your way so you try to come in and warn people of my shady policies. If I had done something that was not in line with the terms I stated in the sale thread, then fine, go ahead and tell people. I would hope that you and anyone else would. But when I do everything I said I would, I don’t think there is a need for a post like yours.

But it’s fine if you feel like I’m a “shady” person. I think my reputation on this and other forums speaks for itself.


Paik is the shadiest person alive,

-PC :wink:

I can see why you upset, but welcome to our capitalistic society.


Paik is so shady that you may as well just call him eminem. ;D

I have a few questions about the modded DOA3 stick:

  1. I have heard that the DOA3 stick used irregular sized buttons so does the modded stick have 30mm or 24mm buttons?

  2. Where are the start and back buttons located as I can’t see them in the provided pictures?

  3. Is the hole in the front the failed headset port?

  4. What is the button layout? I am concerned that if the fierce and roundhouse buttons are the analog triggers instead of the shoulder buttons that there might be lag similar to some Dreamcast sticks.

The start and back buttons are camouflaged by the DAHKNESS of the case, you can see them on the top right of the stick

And yeah thats headset port

Not sure about your other questions, they look like 30mm from what i can tell from looking at these pics…there was lag on some dreamcast stick?