FS: Multiple Systems, Games, Arcade Sticks and Converters

Just getting rid of a bunch of stuff I don’t really need use any more.
I don’t want to see it go to waste and collect dust. So I’m hoping to sell them to people that will actually use them.

What you need to know
-Paypal only.

-All prices include shipping.

-I am willing to ship internationally.But extra shipping charges will apply and vary upon location. Also, all international shipping takes on average 6-10 days to arrive. So keep that in mind when ordering.

-I will ship items on Mondays and Fridays. This gives me time to transfer from paypal to bank account. Also gives me time to buy packaging materials

-I will only hold an item until the next time I ship out orders. I.E. You ask to put something on hold on a Wednesday. You till have till Friday afternoon to cancel or pay me before I will take the item off hold and contact the next member interested in said item(s)

-All Games are complete unless otherwise mentioned.

-Most the PS2 discs aren’t in the best condition (some are heavily scratched) but they are in perfect working order.

-Pics upon request.

-PM me or Post if have any other questions

Free VMU with Marvel Data on it when a DC game is purchased.
Grandia 2 w/ OST - $10
Skies of Arcadia - $15
Sonic Adventure - $8

Super Smash Brothers Brawl - $20
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon - $20

KOF: Neo Wave - $10
Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic (Non Greatest Hits) - $10
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (Non Greatest Hits) - $10

Xbox 360
Face Breaker- $10
Infinite Undiscovery - $20

Play Station 2
PS2 System - Comes with hooks ups, and memory card. No controller $40
Dragon Quest VIII - Black Label $10
Final Fantasy X-2 - Black Label $10
Final Fantasy XII - Black Label $10
King of Fighters 98 UM - $10
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum - $10
World Heroes Anthology - $10

Super Joybox 3 Pro - PS2 to USB converter $10

Thanks for looking.
Please leave feedback when transactions are complete and I will do the same.****


great prices on this stuff btw.

Replied. And thanks.

You guys better hurry. Al is notorious for buying everything on SRK. :lol:

edit: Hori EX2 has been sold.

PM’ed on Innovation converter


Edit: Innovation Converter has been sold.

PM’ed about MvC and DC.

edit: check your pm box. pics sent.

The Dreamcast and MvC1 have been sold.

Sent you a PM


what color are the headsets?

Default gray. the ear piece and mic are white.

HRAP2 Sale is pending. Awaiting payment.

Can you hold Battle Fantasia for me until Friday (payday)?

We could totally go see Broheed together if you do.


Actually, if you can, sell it. I’m sorry. One of my IRL friends saw this and offered me his copy of BF because it’s ‘garbage to him’… Free bumps, though. :sweat:

No bigs.
Edit: Hrap2 has been sold.

I’d like to buy the ps2 to gc convertor…

PMed. for arcana, CvS2, and KoF XI.

replied to all pm’s.