FS: My DS collection, *free shipping w/ paypal*

…if you live in the continental US. I can go ahead and do free shipping. in order for that to happen i would need you guys to pay for each game seperately if you want more than one, otherwise its not a problem.

All games and cases are in perfect, mint condition. all the instructions, inserts, etc. all clean. if wanted i can post up pics. Confirm here, and i’ll pm you my paypal. Also I’ll do money orders, $3 shipping.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow: $13
Mario Kart DS: $25
Nintendogs: $15
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time: SOLD!!!
New Super Mario Bros: $19
Phoenix Wright: SOLD!!!
Phoenix Wright Justice For All:$23on hold for ski unless you really want it more than him??? cuz he is beast

*whatever doesn’t sell i will probably put up on ebay later, but i would prefer selling it here to SRK peeps. get at it!!

can i put that phoenix wright on hold?

my Cali ID comes in late this week/next week and imma open a bank account to hook up to a paypal

wtf happened? regardless, pw1 and ml are sold