FS: My Namco Arcade Stick Controller USB Modified for PS3/PC Sanwa Parts on eBay 1day


just a heads up for namco fans, i got one for auction up on ebay, starting price is $49.99 and its only a 1 day listing.

i have several namcos, varying in condition, this is my personal stick that i’ve been travelling with and its the best one i have

take a look, thanks


did create a home button on it?


that’s a nice lookin stick, if only it was for 360.


thanks for your question, yes, L2 (one of the top buttons)

would also just like to add that there has been no modification done to the case
the extra two yellow buttons at the top are not painted, they come from one of my other namco sticks
basically i was going for a sega vshg look

only 10 hours left on the auction


The Joystick Ball and 6 Buttons look like the under coat is the regular namco yellow and it has been color matched to the case, what parts are Sanwa?


again, thanks for your question

i think i know what you’re talking about, that’s just the lighting
everything is Sanwa except for the joystick shaft, so jlf + 6 obsf grey/black

p.s. Namco stock buttons are Seimitsu-ish, the flat kind, which can easily be distinguished from Sanwa


Yo, @bk2099. Did you turn this thing stock and sell it on eBay semi-recently? I bought a Namco and all system/L2/R2 buttons are yellow. Just wondering if it may have been the same stick somehow. Wouldn’t happen to have a pic of the back of it would you? Haha.


Pretty sure it’s not the same stick. Mine had a grey Paewang USB cable.

The guy who won the auction was Meus.