FS: namco joystick modded agetec

namco joystick stocked. everything works. good condition.


$70 shipped.

modded agetec



$140 shipped.

sanwa snapin, sanwa jlf. square gate. the memory slot has been filled and painted over. whole box is repainted white. hand cut plexi top for art.
right now it’s a project box setup. but I will rewire it for playstation and it will have a detachable cord. so the db15 you see in the pic will be replaced with another db15 as a removable cord… this thing is NOT officially up for sale until I’m done with that. but if you want it and don’t mind waiting a week for me to do it then buy it now. otherwise wait until I finish replacing it.

*I am very busy so please DON’T BITCH AT ME for not finishing up the stick for you. that’s why it’s not “officially” up for sale.

payment: paypal, MO
ship as soon as I can, so give me a few days. if you’re impatient, and expect shipment when you pay, don’t buy from me.

first person to contact/pay gets the stick. sorry, not holding.


Hi. What type of stick and buttons did you use in the Agetec? If you could put in a Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y, Sanwa OBSF-30, a PSX PCB and some custom art(I have a HQ picture I would like to use), I could send the money over by tomorrow or Friday. I’m really interested in that

that stick is stock.

edit: just woke up, thought it was talking about the namco.

Which means it has been modded with JLF, OBSF-30, and will have a PSX PCB. The Namco is the stock one. Both you guys should read the whole post. :rolleyes:

^ what he said.
stick: sanwa JLF-TP-8Y
button: Sanwa OBSF-30
namco is stock.

agetec’s original stock buttons are green.
art, you can put it on yourself when you buy the stick. just unscrew the plexi and place it in. it’s simple. also I’m sorry but I’m not shipping it internationally.

OMFG, your not shiiping internationally?! I really want the Agetec, I can pay you tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I can cover all the costs! The thing about the artwork is fine, I can do that myself. Please? If you really cant ship to an international address then I am gooing to have to use an emergency backup plan and have you send it to my friend in Canada. But I would prefer for you to send it internationally rather than to Canada, as its easier for me

Is the Namco still available?

yes it is

Have you sold your namco stick? If not I might be interested.


I’m interested namco stick.

Shrimpnoodles told me Namco stick is every all parts stock.

I’ll pass it that’s nice stick.

do you have the agetic pcb?

I’ll let you know once I actually get the thing finish whether or not I’ll ship internationally (after looking into international shipping of course) if you’re still interested by then.

yeah it’s not for sale (at least not yet).

wow. is my post really that hard to understand? everyone seems to be confused about the two sticks.

Ok thanks!