FS:Namco stick/GC Game/Hori FS PS/Rare Black Virtua Sega PS2 stick


Namco stick. Price 75 shipped

Hori Fighting stick PS has slant like namco case very close and little similiar too w/o box. Its great for mod. Price 35 shipped

Rare Black Virtua Sega stick for PS2 and has all seimitsu parts too. Its one of kind stick to have. Price 100 shipped



Sanwa Flash1 Complete package. Price 207 shipped. SOLD

Hi I have GameCube Megaman Anniversary collection sealed brand new never used.
Price 25 shipped.


Sanwa Flash1 Complete package. Price 207 shipped. SOLD


Added new items and updated post.


Can I get some pictures of that Sega Virtua PS2 stick?


PM’d about the Namco Stick


Yo meus read pms !


i received my Agetec and Namco stick from Meus today and this guy REALLY takes care to make sure what he is selling is mint. thanks again meus!!


That Virtua Stick is badass. Is that an LS-56 in there? If I had the money to spend I’d snatch it up.


Seimitsu LS-56-01 indeed.
The Buttons are Seimitsu PS-15.


Yo more pms sent :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Meus - did you get my PM about the Namco stick?


virtua stick mine? yes? meus?! do want :smiley:


Oh man, that PlayStation 2 reprint of the Sega HSS-0136 Virtua Stick is quite the hit I see! Good luck with your sales meus! Man, you’ve always got the great goods for us here on SRK! :bgrin:


hey meus dont forget to pm me your phone number for 2morrow’s meetup.

EDIT: READ pms :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes still have it if u want it.

YEs its urs and pmed back


I did sorry for not reply back busy lately.

Added new item.


Sell the flash to ikagi!


(or sell me a flash dust washer:wink:)


meus, I shot you a PM. :tup:

Haha, thanks for looking out for me, brighenne! I’ll still wish you luck in your dust cover hunt! :tup:


oh shit, flash1! congrats ikagi chan! you been waiting awhile too. maybe i’ll be next hahaha. i’m very interested to see what your opinion is on the differences between the flash and the ascii. congrats again man!


Tell me when your not busy :stuck_out_tongue: I dont mind waiting gotta test my own patience for this.


Tell me when your not busy :stuck_out_tongue: I dont mind waiting anymore, I gotta test my own patience for this.


Thanks a bunch XMetal, though I haven’t bought the FLASH 1 yet! meus is still getting back to me. Who knows how many people PM’d him before I got to him in the 13 minutes I didn’t see his updated thread? :wonder:

If I do get it, I’ll definitely be doing some measurements. Throw, engage angle, engage distance, I’d measure those specs which people really want to know. Odds are, they’re probably the exact same. I’m betting that 9:1, the ASCII Answer has the exact same specs as the Sanwa FLASH 1.