FS: Naomi World Series '99 Dedicated Cabinet

I have an original Sega World Series '99 American cabinet I need to get rid of. The cabinet itself is in good shape, a few minor dings, a bent coin door(replaceable), and a little dirty on the inside. The marquee was “modified” by the previous owner, but is fixed easily enough.

On a more positive note, the monitor looks pristine, its a Nanao 2587 31khz hi-res. The controls are in good shape, buttons are original Sanwas, the analog joysticks and bat levers feel great. The cabinets artwork looks good too.

In addition to the full cabinet, I’m also offering two sega naomi sound amps already mounted on board slides, as well as an full extra control panel & speaker enclosure. These items have not been tested since I got the cabinet, but I will be glad to test them if anyone is interested.

Although its somewhat of a collectible cabinet, this would make a great conversion for anyone who wants a good stand-up fighting game cabinet. The control panels are easily with other sega-branded panels.

Asking $1000 for the cabinet and spares. Item is located in Newnan, GA. If shipping is necessary, seller needs to arrange it.

Please PM if you’re interested.




edit(#2 actually fixed the typo) ^_^: sound maps changed to sound amps*

Price lowered to $700 for the whole unit and extras.

Also open to selling just the cabinet, cabinet power supply, and monitor for $450. If you have a Dreamcast and vga converter (or any system and a 480p vga upscaler for that matter), this would be an amazing pseudo-naomi setup.