FS: New Astro City (Vancouver BC)


This has been sitting in my living room for over 4 months now, and I keep telling myself I’m going to mame it out and get it running, but alas I never get around to it. I even have a jpac and an arcade VGA that I’ll throw in it.

It has a 2player panel with a 6 button setup. I cleaned the machine a little, but I was in the midst of restoring it.

I’ll get pictures up soon. There is little to no burn in either. No key locks though :confused:

I’m asking $400 OBO.

Pictures to come soon.

This thread is a feeler. Not sure if this allowed. Just some days I say I need to get rid of it and other days, I start rewiring the panel.


pm’d =)


can’t wait to see your pics.


Im interested, let me know if you are willing to deliver haha

I live about 4 hours away…


im in ny, i might be interested after pics :slight_smile: