FS: New Custom Seimitsu Stick

-----update, stick sold!!!------

For sale I have my latest custom stick, this is my second prototype stick built at the same time as the last one I sold here recently. As with the last one it is has all Seimitsu parts: LS-32 stick and 6x ps-14-gn(clear) for the play buttons and 2x ps-14-DN for start/select, under the hood is a ps1 digital pcb. This is my tribute to a couple of the hottest girls in fighting, Chun Li and Mai Shiranui.

for more pics: http://s126.photobucket.com/albums/p91/hexonyou/Joysticks/

As with my other prototype, the finish on this one isn’t quite perfect, there are spots under the paint where you can see it could use more sanding if you hold it to the light, so I’m letting it go for a bit cheaper than the ones I will soon be offering here. I’m asking $160 shipped anywhere in the US for it, I’m willing to ship internationally but pm me first as I may have to charge more for shipping. For $10 more I can change it to a ds1 or xbox pcb.

can’t wait to get it!!! <3

Holy shit that’s a nice looking stick.

Damn, nice stick~

I like how you designed it so that the players’ hands will rest atop the bewbs.

the painting looks superb! you need work on the stencil though :stuck_out_tongue:


heh thanks…ya all my new ones i have a new method of stenciling that should come out much better, the painting on this one is pretty good but not perfect yet.

RockCho-- haha I didn’t even realize that your hands would be all over the boobs till after i worked out the placement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wish you had told me about this one too I would have picked it up.

If you make any stuff like this please pm me ASAP in the future, much like the stick I grabbed form you before im interested in your stuff.