FS: New custom stick

This was originally for shinobis friend but things happened…so now its up for grabs.

sanwa OBSN’s
2 white seimitsu buttons for start/select on back
Sanwa JLF (square gate)
Holy order Sol art






Any chance you can swap out the gate? Or how easy would it be for somebody else to do?

The Gates are snap ons, you can do it yourself without to much hassle :).

Silly rabbit…gates arent snap ins. You gotta screw them in. lol

What he said.

They’re still easy to change, though.

Thats a badassed stick. Unfortunately im poor.

Sent PM

JLF gates, do not screw on…as pc said, you use a snapping type mechanism that uses clipping device. Seimitsu gates and the gate for the JLW are screw in though.


Yeah I have a Couple of Octogan gates lying around that I can easily snap in…

now I know…:amazed:

BUMP $175 shipped


jeez, somebody take this stick of paintedpale’s hands. it’s a damn sexy stick.

Have to agree, it’s very nice. Would’ve taken it if it was USB.

Hey Painted, man this is a great stick for a great price guys! How do you keep the paint like that ;), hit me up on aim sometime if its not classified :rofl:.

Someone negged me on this, and wrote Fails, whomever negged fails, cause they are snap ons, sighs… if someone could be so kind and balance me out, this is second time someone negs me, and they are wrong :sad:.

ummmmm with this I primed it with latex paint, then coated it with black spray paint, then clear coated it.

dope stick check pm’s!!

on hold.