FS new sanwa Flash


Good luck with the same, laurie! If the USD wasn’t worth such shit compared to the pound, I’d ever consider buying it. But alas, I will not : )


I’ll give ya 70 GBP for it shipped

No. Sorry

so sexy… like Paik said the conversion rate sucks -_-.
I’d so do it for $100 USD :frowning:

yeah, the conversion rate is complete arse now. 100 pounds is $200, which is a bit much for those of us over here

I offered $140 which I think is fair and I got shot down.

Yeah, dollar is really low now days :/.

Well it cost me 94, 80 for the flash kit from per, 12 for a new jlf and 2 for the bubble ball.

I don’t want to loose money on this, I would rather keep it than make a loss.

These prices exclude shipping I have paid.

In this country 100 is about right for a used flash.

I definitely think it’s a great price for EU people! But we US people are out of luck unless we’re desperate. I already have 2 and more ASCII optical sticks than I can count. So I’m not desperate. Someone will come along!


wow … perdy …