FS: New, Sealed PSP 3000, Garmin Nuvi 750 GPS

New and sealed PSP 3000 in black: $150 shipped.
New and sealed Garmin Nuvi 750: $145 shipped.

I only accept paypal. if you guys are comfortable paying via ‘gift’ option on paypal i will add Hot Shots Golf game for PSP if purchasing a psp. i also accept regular paypal payment too of course. :tup:

im open for trades. looking for iphone 3g (i can add cash) on top of the psp or the garmin gps. im open to rare games, systems, ipods. not open to sticks i own like 7 of em. pm me for a trade.

sorry and good luck on ur sell.

New and sealed huh? These fall of the back of a truck perhaps? :lol:

A friend of mine may really want the GPS, I’ll point him over here.

nah man this is my job. i buy and sell tons of new electronics daily. im also a landlord so i do the electronics thing on the side but i deal with it every day. just a few months ago i had 13 sealed playstation 3 and about 18 nintendo wiis. all sealed. it’s just business :slight_smile: