FS: New Sony Dualshock Blanka custom stick, sanwa parts

EDIT:No longer for sale

Just finished my first arcade stick for sale, details and price below pics. :smile:






(Sorry I’m not sure how to put the pics in the post itself, if someone could tell me how/post them for me that would be great :bgrin: )

EDIT: Timoe has kindly put the photos up in the custom stick thread.


MDF case (dimensions 55 x 195 x 295 mm), car spraypaint and wax finish, aluminium base with rubber feet, plexiglas top with sanwa JLW-TM-8 joystick and OBSN-24 buttons.
Artwork is my own. Official Sony Dualshock controller wired up inside, button layout [], /, R1 (Top) then X, O, R2 (bottom).

EDIT : I’m just gona ask for $175 + P&P for the stick, would be nice to have a UK sale to simplify matters but I will sell it to the 1st person who will pay the above price.

Hoping to have the stick packaged and shipped on the Monday (13th) or Tuesday (14th) should the sale go ahead and I receive payment before then. Please don’t bid if you don’t have the money available for next weekend!
Payment via Paypal only please :slight_smile:

Feel free to add comments or ask any questions!


EDIT:No longer for sale

That’s a real nice looking stick there Billygoat. I like how the cord is coming out of the box.

Very brilliant looking stick, but I don’t think you’ll get any business in America with a 175$ price tag + shipping from the UK to boot.

Looks great though, keep up the good work.


It’s now about 11pm Thursday here in the UK, so 24 hours left for bidding on this!

We’re into the last hour now, I’ll be here to answer any questions :smile:

EDIT : No more bidding, updated first post!