FS: New Vewlix Panel

1 panel left for sale!
I bought these Vewlix panels with the intention of building a custom VS cab. Decided to go another direction. These are brand new and from Taito. I believe they retailed new for $250 each. Looking to get $150 each shipped. They are fully loaded with Sanwa parts and Harnesses. I think this is a steal of a price! And will not bump this thread again.

Last Bump for a super Bargin price!!!

those r sexy gl on ur sale steven u still making sticks? havent seen one from you in a while?

Thanks! I’ll prolly get back into making some more sticks in the spring. My work shop is in my garage which is a balmy 20degs right now. lol

Ah, Ill probably end up springing for one of these if someone doesnt snatch one up by the end of the week

damn… very interested in these… obo right?

Cool, let me know.

yes obo, but I don’t wanna lose too much money.

Bump for price drop. Will remove them for sale if they don’t sell in the next day or so.

steven put theses up on neo geo forums they will sell alot faster then here and for more then what you are asking

Make some cases to put these in and sell them?

boss idea but its to cold where he is he stated

Wouldn’t mind waiting :slight_smile:

Thanks, I thought about doing that next.

I gave that some thought and may do this if they don’t sell soon.

There’s ways around a cold garage. Space heater for instance.
You make some nice panels. I’d definitely get the vewlix panels in some cases and sell em off that way.

Nice deal so far though.

Thought about the space heater but then ventilation becomes a problem. Its a pretty tight space and the saw dust gets everywhere, not to mention the fumes from the poly/finishing products. I really have no desire to work on this stuff in the winter anyway. A couple months and I’ll be back in business.

^^ My buddy and I actually built a mini spraybooth in a room in the basement for the winter time. We used some ducting and an old box-fan to take care of the fumes. Add a space heater and it actually works pretty well.

But yeah, painting in the winter, still not that fun.

Can you also post width and depth Dimensions?

Thinks of car with a cracked exhast manifold needing a preventative repair

Damn you car!!! Why do need to be repaired???

Just fill the crack with JB weld, haha.

I actually though of that…

from JB weld site:

Damn You and your High Operating Temperature Mr Exhaust manifold!!!

If you end up doing that pme me. I definitely would want one.

do you still have these for sale?