FS: NiB Vewlix model kit - Super Street Fighter IV AE


I ordered a few of these when they first came out, with the intention of painting one of them up in the original Vewlix colors. With all the other model kits I have laying around to build, I decided I’m probably never going to get to it.

I bought this directly from HLJ.com, so the box is in pristine condition. All parts are still bagged, all stickers are in perfect shape. In fact: the only time I took the lid off was to take pictures for this thread.

This is a snap together model kit. No glue necessary. All parts are molded in color, and the included stickers mean that no painting is necessary either, although you could detail it up (things like the locks, the vents, etc.) The instructions are so clear that anyone can build it: NO JAPANESE READING SKILLS NEEDED. And yes: it comes with a 100 yen sticker. These are discontinued now, so if you missed out the first time, now is you shot.

Asking $35 $30 and buyer pays shipping. Checked and found out that the best rate/option for this is $12.34 for USPS Priority Mail. That is for anywhere in the US with tracking and insurance. Plus: Spider-Man is on the box, so that’s cool.

And here’s a fully detailed one that I built. It’s a really fun kit to build.

Thanks for looking!


I had an interested party, but they never got back to me. One last bump and a price drop before it hits eBay.