FS Nintendo DS G6 Flash

New: Price lowered to $80 bucks shipped, and includes a case exactly like this:


Not sure if any of you care about Gameboy/NDS stuff, but I figured I’d post it:

I have a mint condition G6 Flash Lite like they are currently selling on sites like kicktrading and divineo and also a Passcard 3. They are in perfect condition. Here’s the little teaser I wrote up for Ebay before they cancelled my auction:


You are bidding on a mint condition G6 Flash Lite 4G (English Version) for Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance plus Passcard 3 for Nintendo DS usage. Everything pictured is included. The items are in perfect condition and absolutely nothing is missing from the retail packaging. I bought this item and used it for a week, before taking back my DS to Target so I could save up for a laptop. It is completely functional. If you are bidding on this item, you should know what what exactly you are bidding on and what it can do. Here are some sites for reference:




Note that these items are intended for use as a music player and video player for the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance, and I do not condone other uses of these products.

As far as flash carts go for the DS and GBA, the G6 Flash Lite is the one to buy if you want one that has the best features (especially the multiple save slots feature) and want minimal fuss getting the thing running out of the box. It is the newest generation of flash cart for the DS and GBA. Other flash carts require you to put in your own Mini-sd card for storage, and depending on the quality of the Mini-sd card, the speed of the programs you run can be adversely affected. With this cart, you know it is going to be fast, and don’t have to worry about getting the right card or wondering if it’s fast enough. Not only that, when you need to put different files onto this cart, you need only pop the cart onto it’s included usb adapter. No pulling fumbling with pulling out fragile mini-sd cards when you need to upload data to your cart. This cart fits flush with your Nintendo DS Lite, and has four different colored shells to match your DS color. It also has a Gameboy Advance shell so it fits perfectly in a Gameboy Advance or regular DS.

As for the Passcard 3, it’s a must for use with a DS, and happens to be the newest generation of passcard, so it works with all current DS’s. It allows you to run the programs that play music and video files ins DS mode, rather than just Gameboy Advance mode.


This is the ENGLSH version.

4g = 4 gigbits = 512 megabytes storage room

Thanks for looking!

I’m looking for 85 bucks shipped for both or best offer. Please don’t hesitate to PM me an offer. Payment through Paypal. I can also get you a copy of the receipt, so if it breaks, it is still under the company’s warranty. I have 100% ebay feedback, user name “avmakt.” I’m not trying to screw anyone, I am an honest seller and just want to get some money back on this thing, because they don’t allow returns at kicktrading. I bought it and it works like I wanted it too, but I started thinking how I could put that money to use on a laptop, so I returned my DS and now I am selling this. And if anyone is interested, I can leave some “stuff” on the flash cart. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!

that’s gay ebay canceled it. some dick must’ve report it becuase i’ve sold a g6 on ebay before without any problems. anyway would you sell the passcard 3 only?

Yeah, I probably would. I’m gonna wait a bit to see if I can sell both at once, but if I can’t I’d be happy to sell it to ya.

Interested in buying both. What color is the G6?

It has 4 different shells to match any ds color. Black, white, light blue, and pink. Plus it has a gba cart shell to fit in gba slots better.

bump for new price and added case

Interested… I just need a DS first? :slight_smile:

bump, still available