FS: Nintendo Wii + Games + Extra Controllers



Wii Sports
Trauma Center

VC Games:

Mario Kart 64


2 Extra Wii Motes
2 Extra Nunchucks

$250 starting bid

I see the auction is pretty much near towards the end, but if you were to re-list this adding some actual photos help big-time for selling consoles like the Wii.

Just, you know, to prove that you do in fact have the said item. There is a very large initial distrust on ebay when no photos are provided.

Just trying to help. (Also, killer deal overall for having those extra motes/chucks.)

that’s a pretty damnnn good price. I’m surprised no one
took it off your hands yet. I’m thinking about selling mine too. sigh

Bump. Auction ends in an hour. Hoping to break the $450 mark so I can get a PS3.

dang when i clicked it, it said 42 seconds :stuck_out_tongue: