FS: Nothing much atm

Can ship to US and Canada(though no delivery confirmation for Canada, sorry).
Paypal preferred.
First-come, first-served.
Any help with shipping/delivery confirmation is greatly appreciated. (even a buck!)

If you have any offers/questions/requests, please PM me.

Video Games


Strategy Guides
Dead or Alive 4 Strategy Guide (Prima) $4 shipped
Soul Calibur IV Strategy Guide (Bradygames) $4 shipped


I got SMASHED at Play N Trade t-shirts (Medium/Large) $3.50 shipped

Hey I’d like the Udon SF IV 1-2 and SF legends sakura 1-4. Chun-Li figurine for the bonus. Do you still have them? Please let me know. Thanks!

can you post pics?

Some pics of the RE figures please. Interested.

Is geometry wars complete? any stickers?

kampret- Yes, I have them. I will hold those for you. Which Chun-Li bonus figure you want?

etothenspd- Sure, I don’t have pictures of everything just yet, but is there anything you want to see in particular?

mcginnis- I got some pictures up of Jill and Chris (sorry about the quality… I’m not really sure how to use this digital camera just yet). I’ll get a picture of Krauser soon.

slartibartfast- Yes, it is complete and no stickers. It was bought new and is still in good condition.

Can you post pics of the chun li figurines? I don’t know what summer chun li looks like but I don’t want alpha chun li… let me know the details! thanks!


I’m interested in the comics. PM Sent.

bump got some stuff

yo, if the buyer for street fighter anthology flakes out let me know, i can pay right now. thanks.

i have sent pm

All pms replied to.

I gotta go for now so I’ll respond to your PMs later.

Wow, awesome seller. Got the games this morning, that figure rocks btw! Where can I get more? haha


-added some MGS stuff

Hey, I’ll take that twin snakes if you can give me a day or two to go deposit some money in the bank.

EDIT: Also figured I better ask what condition its in too, incase it doesn’t look good.

Biohazard 5 Official Artworks (208 pages) $17 shipped
Do want.


Sorry, but MGS:TS and BH5 artbook are taken.

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture $5 shipped
This still available?

Will you do shutter and subsistence for $12? I have the essentials collection AND a copy of snake eater, so I’d like the extra disc but don’t want to pay that much for it. If so, lemme know a paypal address and I’ll send asap.