FS: Numbski's Balls

FS: Numbski’s Balls

Numbski’s Balls

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$15/each, $4.75 flat rate shipping, can ship 4 in one envelope, so 4 balls would be $64.75 shipped.

I won’t be ordering any stones until I get some sort of confirmation that anyone is willing to spend $35 on a stone ball top. I have to order them in quantities of 12 or more, so ordering that many makes no sense unless I have potential buyers.

So you finally figured it out :3?

I’ll probably order one of the glass ones.

Yup, got it all squared away. The wooden ones I knocked out right away. The dice and glass take quite a bit longer. Comandeering my wife to help out on those. :wink:

Putting my inventory online as I get it going.

can you stain it for us? D:?

if not ill do it i guess >_>

Uh…hadn’t thought about it. I suppose for a fee. I don’t mind doing it. I think I’ll leave it to you to clearcoat it. That way I can’t be blamed for it not getting sanded appropriately.

when are we gona see som them nice glass ball-tops? :tup:

Working on it man…patience. :slight_smile: I have some ready, just no pics yet.

sweet :smile:

Once the glass comes up I’ll be sure to grab one, especially if you can get something in red. Plus this is probably the best thread title I’ve seen in a long time.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Items list updated. Going out to the garage to clean up a bit. In the meantime, those of you clammoring for pictures…






Unfinished Wood:


Hoping to have glass up for sale today.


numbski, I’ll throw ya a deal. Send me 2 of those wood balls. I’ll stain and finish both of them and send one back to you.

Not sure if it’d looked too nice considering how little grain those balls have but it’s a chance for both of us to find out :).

Done. I’ll send it out with the first batch of orders I’ll ship. PM me shipping address.

I’d like to have a ball that looks like a skull. I guess I could paint a skull on one of the unfinished wooden ones :slight_smile:

FYI. I had to stop production on the glass ones earlier. My diamond bit didn’t have any diamond left on it, and the balls were just cracking instead of drilling. Oops…

So I need to pick up some more, and more inserts. So…I barely have enough to fill the orders I have so far (basically, the people that invested). I have some imperfects I can put up though.

Guaranteed everything I have will be up by this weekend though. I’m going to pick up a few more bits to be sure.

Everyone wants numbski’s balls.

Hur hur hur.

I want a red ball, whenever those come to be.


You know Rock…I am honestly suprised that no one has commented on my lack of blue balls. :slight_smile:

Glass production is rolling again. These are getting better as I do more of them. :slight_smile:

I really need to make about 20 of these jigs, that way I can just slap them on the press, drill, do the next rather than load the jig, drill, change bits, drill, change bits, drill, unload jig, set insert, load the jig, etc…

Perhaps a project for tomorrow?