FS: Nvidia Geforce 7300 LE Graphics Display Card ***SOLD***

Looking for $20 shipped or best offers. Original box not included. Note that this card uses PCI-E interface and will not work with AGP ports SOLD

I’ll take it. Pm me plz, I’m on my cell cellphone

If deal falls through, I’ll take it. Lemme know =). I need something better than my gforce 5800 =\

Will let you know. But before anything mae sure you have the correct interface (PCI-e) for the card. 5800 is more likely to be AGP…

^5800 is definitely AGP.

Oh I know. Getting a new mobo and stuff soon, so I’m looking around for good deals on stuff =P

Edit: Disregard everything I posted. I found a better deal =P. My bro’s going to give me his 7600 GS when he gets his new card. Thanks anyways =)

I have a Radeon HD2400 PRO that I’m selling, interested? It’s still brand new and sealed.
By the way, are you using Xanga to host the picture? I didn’t know anybody still used theirs. I’d love to keep using them.

Both potential buyers have not replied… So it’s still up for sale. Anybody?

Sucks that I couldn’t by it due to incompatibility. :sad: I did end up buying a 7600 Geforce of amazon just to do a final upgrade on this comp before giving it away. Thanks for the info again, I didn’t really know about the compatibility because when I looked into customizing a pc everything was compatible since it was all new stuff. :lol:

Take trades?

Don’t worry about it. Good thing you found a card thats compatible

90% money only… But wht you’ve got to trade?