FS on eBay: Gamest Mooks and other goodies


Hi SRK heads-

Just wanted to get the word out on some Capcom & SNK related books I put up for sale on eBay:

All About Capcom Fighting Games 1987-2000
Street Fighter Eternal Challenge (Japanese edition)
Capcom Illustrations - Gamest Mook Vol. 17
Samurai Spirits KenKon ??
Street Fighter III:3rd Strike Gamest mook + DVD
Vampire Savior Graphical Manual and Technical Manual - Gamest Mooks vol. 77 & 89
There are also a number of other game-related items for sale.

Thanks for looking. Post up here or on the individual eBay pages with questions, I’ll try to get back to you.


Would you be willing to sell these directly to srk peeps?-- outside of ebay bids I mean.

I’m interested in the VS mooks.


Cool stuff man.


2nd on the VS mooks. Do want, badly.


The interest is appreciated, but I would prefer to sell the books through eBay, if possible. The VS mooks have one bid already, so now the only opportunity is through that auction.

If there are any items that do not move through auctions, I might consider selling them directly, but then only to SF Bay Area peeps.


Added a few more today:

Street Fighter II Image Album

quality American guides (Versus,GameFan) for SFA2 and NightWarriors

Super Street Fighter II CAMMY manga

That’s the rarer stuff, there’s also some more PS2 games up as well. Maybe one more update after this and then I’ll let lit lie.


I’d be interested in a few of the mooks. If you play games, you’re welcome to come over I’m local and have some candy cabs we could play on.