FS: ON EBAY pelican ps2 -> ps3 converter

Brand new in box.


(rofl @ negative rep for requesting offers on Pelican. If you wanted one at retail price, you best should have bought it while they were available)

I didn’t know they stopped making these, I my local gamestop has a few I may go pick up 1 or 2 more just in case.

$20 isn’t bad if theyre out of stock, and since they’re the ONLY lagless converters I wouldn’t be surprised if future prices jump to $30 a pop

I’ve seen them go up to $100 on eBay.

and people bought them???

wow, thirty is about as high as I’d go. I already have one, though.

Yes sir. The auction started at $15 and jumped up to $100 over 3 days.

Dang… I bought one off of newegg right before they ran out. Lucky me!

LOL really?
you could buy a Hori 3 and mod it with sanwa parts for that price.
gotta love ebay I guess…

Daaamn i cant believe people actually buy an adapter at that price, for $50 dollars u can buy a ps3 controller, and btw, i just got a pelican adapter two days ago from ebay for $20, jeje lucky me.

because online play is where the comp is now… unfortunately…

Buy an extra pair an sell them to me!

i thought the pelican was pulled BECAUSE of lag with GH?

tho it was fine on fighters…