FS or WTT: Sanwa JLF for Sanwa JLW-TM. or


Would like to do an even trade. A stock JLF for a JLW-TM.

The one with the shaft that can accept ball tops in new or slightly used, good working condition.

Ball top can be any color, but I don’t have a Dark Blue, Violet, Dark Hai, or Vermilion in my collection if you want to get rid of one of those.:tup:

JLF has seen about 5 hours of use and has a white ball top. Complete with 2 dustwashers, mounting plate(scratched but who cares about a scratched mounting plate?), and Sanwa Wiring harness.

I would also sell the stick for $24 shipped.

Things open for trade:

Samurai Spirits Shodown (1 or 2) COMPLETE Japanese or UK version with Plastic Clamshell case. Neo Geo Pocket games in Cardboard packaging makes me angry.


For sale now