FS: Original DBZ games PS1 Jap verson

Old DBZ games, I know they are very rare. PM and we can talk.

DBZ ultimate battle 22, DBZ Final Bout, and the other game is called DBZ with some japanese symbols



Do not post “I want to see how much its worth” or “you make me an offer”.

Whatever, PM me if you want them

bump for you. too bad i have these already though.

you’ve got all 3 ? I’ve never been able to find anything on the bottom right one.

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The bottom game is called DragonBall Z Legends. Many consider it to be one of the best DragonBall games of all time. If you are trying to guess prices, I’ve sold copies of Legends in the past year for around 30-40 in excellent shape. The other two don’t go for near as much since they have U.S. counterparts. Hope this helps.

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