FS: PaintedPale Custom PS Stick w/ Sanwa + Seimitsu $100

I am selling a “PaintedPale (Stick maker)” custom stick. See pic below it has been barely used.

It is wired using a PS2 analog pcb. (plays on Ps2 Console)

It houses:

  • a Seimtsu LS-32 sick,
  • 6 White Sanwa OBSN-30 Pushbuttons mapped to O,X,[], /, R1, & R2,
  • and 2 OBSF-24 Pushbuttons mapped to start and select (placed in the top right outside corner).

Buttons placed Japanese style.

I bought the stick for 185$ plus shipping. (extra for the LS-32 stick) You can have it for 100$ plus shipping .

Please see pic below. *Note Red sanwa stick top not inclued.

I will post another picture of the cover-art.

Pm me with any questions.:karate:

another pic.


pm sent

Wow, thats super cheap. Why ya selling it? (if ya don’t mind me asking)

time is money, and all the time you waited to get that stick and all the trouble you went through, i think it worth more than $100. anyways good luck.

No one would be willing to pay me (Hozie really) for all that time. I just have tooooooo many sticks. Stick is great. I just preffer my modded hori still. It was supposed to be a 360 stick. But through all the drama… I was sent a PS stick.

I didn’t need another PS stick. I needed a 360 stick… BUt, Hozie is the fucking Man! He came through for all of us!

************* SALE PENDING**

Did you get my pm?

I can wire you a 360 pad for free, if you mail me one.

pm sent…I’ll take it!!!

Stick Sold.Sorry to PMs I did not get to.

HOZIE Thank you very much the offer. I may still take you up on that, and use the PCB in a hori frame. I’ll send you a PM and you can tell me the cost.**