FS:PaintedPale Stick For SALE!

Here is my last custom stick, the stick was going to silent shinobi, but he has failed to reply back to me and to pay for the box.:sad:

So I have no other choice but to sell it to someone else…do not worry I will change the art to whatever you’d like!!!:wgrin:

Asking for $140 (Shipped)
Its an all sanwa custom for Playstation




Thank you,

Specs specifics?

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT (square gate)
(6) sanwa OBSN-30
(2) Sanwa OBSN-24

Wired for Playstation x,o,triangle,square,R1,R2

Its brand new!!! Its only been test played.

Anything else?


11"x9" …the picture demensions are 8"x10"

If I can manage to sell some stuff off on eBay by Thursday, then I’ll be able to pay up!

let me get back to you on that…I have another person interested who PM’d me.

Sale pending…


Sorry makoto_scrub…

I guess I’ll have to talk to you about gettin my own custom from ya

that was quick 0_0

I have a PaintedPale stick and I can tell you that this guy is quality.

I’ll be waiting.:wgrin:

Thats what I thought!!!:confused:

Thank you Sazae, I am very glad you like your stick!!!:wgrin:

I thought you stoped selling sticks.

Well the sticks I am making are sticks for the upcoming outlaw custom arade sticks.

is there gonna be a reservation list?

Umm it feels like there is going to be…considering we have gotten so many replys , but are only taking 3 orders at a time…

Oh wow then I will have to order one when I get the money, right now Koi is making me one but it would be nice to have more than one custom stick.