FS: Panel, harnesses, I/O boards, etc

Various bits and bobs for sale. All prices include worldwide shipping by standard airmail, optional insurance/tracking is extra at buyer’s expense (if you choose to go without I cannot issue any refund in the unlikely event that disaster strikes). Payments through PayPal, no additional fees. Trades possible but pretty much only looking for a few top dollar shmups at this time; Zero Gunner 2, Guwange, Mushihime-sama, Battle Bakraid, Under Defeat…

Brand new Seimitsu 2L12B panel plate with licensed Astro City artwork (not yet applied, still has protective film). Mounting brackets fits both Seimitsu LS-32(-01) and LS-40(-01) joysticks with “S”-shaped mounting plates or Sanwa JLF with flat mounting plates. $100 USD


Brand new Sanwa 2L12B panel harness with 5-pin JST-NH connectors for joysticks and .110" quick disconnects for buttons. Standard controls are wired to 2x 12-pin AMP Universal Power while buttons 4-6 are wired to 10-pin JST-NH (Capcom CPS1 kick harness) with an adapter to 34-pin JST-PHD (CPS2 kick harness), if the buyer wishes can be rewired to 10-pin AMP Universal Power instead. $60 USD pending payment


Brand new RiverService I/O board for playing JAMMA games in a JVS cabinet. Perfect for your Naomi Universal, but remember that your monitor has to support standard resolution or else you’ll also need an upscaler unit. Includes a kick harness stub for buttons 4-6. SOLD

Capcom JVS I/O board complete with mounting brackets (“tall” version), cables for power, video (VGA), audio (RCA), input (USB) and even a CPS2/3 kick harnesses should you need it. Probably the most convenient way to run JVS systems in a standard JAMMA cabinet. $200 USD


Capcom QSound amplifier in good condition. Bought as working but never tested by myself, not even sure what voltage it prefers to be honest. SOLD

Sega GD-ROM harnesses for power and data (SCSI). $50 USD


Puyo Puyo Sun cartridge for the Sega STV system. Requires Japanese BIOS, not sure whether it’ll work with a dual-BIOS or not (System16.com claims it doesn’t). $30 USD


how wide is that panel? in inches if possible.

Panel dimensions are about 24.8x5.1" and fits for most modern Sega cabinets like Astro, Blast, Versus, Net City, Naomi Universal and some cabinets from other manufacturers like the Konami Windy.