FS: PC Stuff, CDs, DVDs, and Sticks

522W max.

It’s been used for about 5months. (currently in my desktop). Originally i traded mr. wizard for it. he said it was never used. i thought it broke at one point, but i just had it connected incorrectly when i made an adjustment.


24 pin connector
8 pin extra
8 molex
2 floppy connectors
extra fan on the bottom

make me an offer. looking to get about $65 shipped for it, or make me an offer based on what you think it’s worth. it doesn’t support PCI-E or SATA, fyi.
I’m very open to reasonable offers. It’s a great backup PSU. Trades are accepted. If you have a custom round X-FI front panel cable, i’ll trade for that (i’ve only been able to find flat ones that will fit). Also, i’m looking for other stuff…


check stuff from there.


EDIT: added a picture of it in action. i can’t take it out unless i rip apart my whole computer, which is annoying. it will only be in it for another two days, then it’s coming out, i’m going to vegas for evo, and i’ll be back on the 26th. if you buy it before morning of the 21st, i’ll ship it out on tuesday morning.

Heh. Are you in some sort of state of perpetual computer upgrades? Cause you always have something for sale. : )

haha, yeah pretty much.

fs: cd’s / dvds


that’s my amazon storefront.

see something you like, make me an offer. i’d rather deal with SRK members than random people on that site.

im gonna just start calling you scoggs… cuz man john i could never say your last name

haha, that works man.

stick for sale, possibly @ evolution

So I have a stick that i’m bringing to evolution with me… anyways… my question is this…

it’s about 3 years old… the case is kinda banged up a bit… some of the cherries are going to need replacing eventually… it’s all happ, competition stick and buttons… my own artwork… black and white box that’s a bit beat up… some stickers on it… it has a solderless PSX hacked PCB.

i was just wondering… would somebody want to buy this from me at evolution, and if so… how much?

i wont have internet again until after evolution, as i’m leaving tonight for new york, and then going to evolution from there… give me a call, let me know… you can see the stick at evolution, play with it, get a feel nohomo for it and whatnot…

also, there’s a tournament i’m going to on sept. 2nd in pennsylvania… i might decide to use the stick there. it’s for 3S and MvC2. i can manage on pad for 3S, but not for MvC2… so depending, on what kind of response i see for mvc2 going through, i might decide on doing that…

if you want to make me an offer after that, i’d be happy, but mind you… i just don’t think that after shipping, it might be worth it. i think it’s like $20 to ship… i’m going to say that the value of the stick might be around $55 or so. I originally put in about $100 of work into it (case: $30, art+lexan: $10, buttons: $20, Stick: $20, hacked PCB: $20). Case damage, i’d put it down to $70, art might not be your style so that’s $65, new cherries should run you $10) Everything else is fine. the stick is brand new, as i replaced a p360 with it about a month ago, and the stick i bought had a hard spring, which i replaced recently with a medium. i have an extra spring and 4 cherries i’d throw in as well.

Let me know what’s the consensus about it, and we can work something out at evolution, or after teh sept. 2nd tournament.


ask for john… please, call only during evolution, or PM me if you’re interested in having it shipped, and i’ll get back to you when i can.

if you don’t see it at evolution, i’ll post up pictures after evolution. i’m currently out of a computer, as i’m waiting for my new power supply, and evo’s around the corner, so i wont get back to it for a week.

Merged as requested.

thanks ephidel… anyways…

i’m keeping the psu, the cd’s were bought, and the stick is probably going to be sold to J4YX2.

i DO, however, have a michael jordan collectors plate that refuses to sell on ebay, that i’ll sell here for whatever the best offer is. do i hear $10 shipped?

it’s the comeback plate.