FS: PC Stuff, Seimitsu Buttons, *Octagonal gate updated 2/23*


360 Stuff

Wireless PC Receiver (to use your wireless controller/stick on your PC) - $15

Seimitsu Stuff

(2) Seimitsu PS-14-GN Black with White plunger 24mm $2 Each

***Free shipping on all.

I will ship internationally, you’ll have to pay for that obviously.***


I’ll take the JLF stick. PM’d


Stuff added and marked as sold.


New SVC Chaos Neo Geo MVS Kit added


Last bump before ebay/craigslist


Lucky, please check your PMs over on neo-geo.com. Couldn’t send you one here since my post count is too low, loool.



Was going to be done with this, but added some Seimitsu Buttons.


New gate added


i want that gate, get on aim some time lucky


lol, I’ll trade you for that stick…


lol how about buy my stick, why isnt anyone buying it!


What kind of financing do you offer? I can make a down payment of about 20 bucks :wgrin:

Send me a pm about the gate. I don’t get on AIM much.


Was going to leave you a feedback on the forum for the Metaal Slug 2 - does this forum not have a trader rating?

Anyways, excellent seller :slight_smile: Got the Game I bough and great communication :wink:


Hey, I’d like to buy that octogate from you if it’s still available.


I will happily take the 24mm’s off your hand, check PM