FS: Pelican PS2 to PS3 adapter BRAND NEW SEALED ***SOLD***


PS2/PS3 Adapter from Pelican. Allows you to utilize PS2 controllers on your PS3 system. Compatible with all PS2 controllers including: Dualshock 2 Controllers, wireless controllers, guitars for Guitar Hero 1 and 2, steering wheels, arcade sticks, dance mats, and more! Comes with instruction/installation guide. Works great.

These things are HOT!!! 100% compatible with all arcade sticks and ps2/ps3 games. 100% lag-free. you can even use it for PC. these are discontinued and i’m afraid the price will even go up higher.

pm me only. don’t post here.



Lol, why dont you ask for $100, i bet there is a lot of guys willing to pay more than that, j/k.

Is this guy fucking serious?! Please tell me he’s joking!!!

-Tha Hindu


ps he is super serious.

bump. price lowered. $70 shipped.

You are aware that a new one in stores is only $10 - $15. You’re asking for $55 more!!! Somebody please ban this person.

-Tha Hindu


Wow, you are actually serious. These things go for grip out on the streets of ebay.

too bad they dont exist in stores anymore.

he’s asking a fair price, you idiots. It’s not made anymore.

It’s not?! When did this happen? Looks like it might be a fair price for a desperate soul then. Then again, you could always buy a Hori stick and mod it for a little bit more than this.

-Tha Hindu

You should probably go for ebay if you want the 70 or more. I lucked out and managed to sell mine for 60 here but that was probably just luck. :bgrin: And yea, these aren’t being made anymore. Makes me wish I bought the other one when I bought one a lonnng time ago.

I’d totally buy it if I were not so poor right now.

happened like two months ago.

thats not a fair price, he is selling it at that price because he was so desperate and probably bought it for $60 or so. that always happend on ebay, noobs always try to outbid you and start a race that only the seller is the winner, and they just make the item more valuable than what it really cost, not knowing that if nobody bid on the item till the last minute or so, the item sells for a fair or lower price. i dont want to be mean or anything. but thats crazy.

P.S. thats my opinion, i hope i wont get bad rep for this, since i gave my opinion in other thread and i got crucified, they gave me a whole bunch of bad reps, but thats ok with me.

If there is a serious demand for a discontinued product, the seller can jack up the price because there are people who will buy them no matter what. This is the way it is and the way it will always be. This is nothing new. You dumb asses coming into the thread giving him shit for that price need to do some research.

The prices are his choice, no matter how ridiculous they may seem to some people. Ultimately, it comes down to that.


Why are the Pelicans selling for so much more than the cheap adapters? None of them are lag-free?