FS: Pelican PS2 to PS3 controller converter

Perfect condition Pelican PS2 controller adapter for the PS3, allows you to connect a PS2 controller, including a Guitar Hero PS2 guitar, to a PS3. This is supposed to be one of, if not the best, adapter available. For some reason, Pelican discontinued these last year, and they’re very hard to find. I picked one up, but really have no need for it.

I checked eBay to see what these are going for, and the recent ones sold (which are only a few), went for $50 up to almost $150 (although that one had the original packaging, which mine doesn’t). I’ll sell this one for $45 plus actual shipping. I accept prepayment by PayPal (fees extra), certified check or money order only. I’ll be out of town on vacation from tomorrow until Friday, but hopefully will have Internet access, and so will be able to check on interest from time to time.