FS: Pelican Real Arcade Stick Xbox/PS2/Gamecube

I have the universal pelican real arcade stick. It is in good condition. I will post a picture if anyone is interested. I’m not sure how much to charge so make me an offer. NOTE: for some reason the stick doesn’t work for the ps2 anymore. It was working fine until one day it suddenly stop working. It works great with the xbox. i don’t have a gamecube but i’m sure it works fine also. I think this can be easily fixed if you know how to wire cables which i have no idea how. PM me.

Post a price please. forum rules.

haha me and shoo have one too just sitting there as well.green buttons tho but im stupid so i got concave instead of convex.oh well.we dnt need it anymore tho i thinK?

35$ shipped. I guess it will cost 10 bucks to ship so 25$ for the stick. if you live near me, you can pick it up for 25$. pic will be posted when i get home.

Have you tried using it on both of your PS2 controller ports? This stick is known for burning them out.

As far as why it doesn’t work for Playstation, read this: