FS Persona 3 LE complete $45 shipped

Persona 3 LE complete with artbook and soundtrack and all in good condition.
$45 shipped.

EDIT Pricedrop $SOLD

USA Only.
Paypal ONLY.
PM me, thanks!!



I don’t have a digital camera so I shot some with my phone. Sorry they’re a bit blurry/grainy.



OST hasn’t been removed, still attached in the artbook.


Any other questions let me know!

I don’t normally like game soundtracks but I couldn’t stop listening to that one.

One of the best ps2 games out to date.

Yes, someone plz buy :). I need to buy a plane ticket!

price drop $40 shipped!

I think FES is the bane here. :sad: If it weren’t for that, I would definitely buy it. Hopefully someone jumps on this, with the art/cd. Very nice.

Yeah, fes. Just waiting for someone to want the artbook/cd.

Ya. I really hope you get a sale soon. Those are very nice to have.

if i don’t win the ebay auction i’m bidding on tomorrow, i’ll definitely take it.

cool cool, hit me up.