FS: Playstation Joystick w/ Happ Parts

Modded Pelican Real Arcade Joystick with all HAPP Competition parts.
The yellow plexiglass has some rough spots and there is some wear and such. You can check out the pictures for the condition. It hasn’t been used that much. The competition stick is the older model with white actuator and the pcb is a 1st party sony playstation one digital controller pcb. All wires have QDs for easy replacement down the line. Start and select are buttons from the Pelican Stick and are translucent so you can put some artwork under there or something (player 1 start man for example).

Button layout is:

[ ]/_\R1
X O R2

$85 Shipped or best offer.
****EDIT5/31/08 NOW $75 SHIPPED
On hold for notorious pip.

Unfortunately, the original rubber pads came off not much after I purchased it and that’s why there’s peeling on the bottom of the stick. I installed new bigger and better rubber bumpers on the bottom a couple of months after the original pads came off.

Price drop.

Now 75$ shipped. (Flat Rate Priority USPS for US only).

Still up for grabs.

the current angle of the buttons are steeeep. Why did you plug the others which are a more tradition layout?

It was originally a Gamecube Pelican Real Arcade, which has a 7th hole in between the 2 rows of buttons. If someone is interested in the and wants to keep the yellow acrylic. I can plug up the 1st 2 buttons and drill 2 new holes to the right.

Honestly though, it doesn’t feel bad at all. It looks steep, but it’s actually more natural of an angle to lay your forearms at rest on the stick at a 45 degree angle. You don’t put any stress on your wrists at all.

EDIT: 6/4
Added Pelican PS2 to PS3 adapter.
If you want to buy it outside of ebay. Let me know asap and I’ll cancel the auction. I’ll be online until 4am EST.

Pelican adapter has been sold.

On hold for notorious pip.