FS: Pre-modded Agetec Green Goblins w/ Seimetsu sticks and buttons

First off, these do not include the PCBs… All my parts are brand new…The prices do not include shipping, though I only charge actual shipping prices. Nothing inflated. If you have any questions, let me know!

-SOLD-First up is a stick I finished up this afternoon. The stick shell is brand new and unused… The joystick is a Seimetsu LS-32 with a clear balltop, and the buttons are seimetsu pearl. The start/select buttons are also seimetsu. SOLD*

The other stick up for sale is an agetec with a bit of wear on the metal plate in between the buttons as you can see in the pictures. This is a seimetsu LS-32 stick with red balltop Sanwa buttons. The start and select buttons are also Sanwa I believe. One of the start and select buttons has a very small chip surrounding it, though cannot be seen unless you seek it out, and it does not hinder anything. I am asking $64 for this stick.

I need to re-up the forst pic, stay tuned =)

so does the shipping prices depend on where you live?

I would probably end up using a flat rate box or something, so not really. I can cut some slack for a few dollars on shipping so it would only cost like 5 or 6 dollars tops unless you live overseas or something…

Love that first one with the pearls. Hope you get a buyer soon!

wtf all these primo sticks at good prices coming out of no where.

i’ll take the $80 stick

If I had the money I’d definitely get the red one, but I am pretty poor and have to move soon. :sad:

I’ll let you know if I’ll be able to take the second stick after this weekend.

those are some very very nice shells my friend! :bgrin: :tup:

Im interested in the second stick.

hello one question, Can I swith it to a sanwa JLF if I wanted? because I already have sanwa JLF but a crappy case that I made.

How much to have it shipped to Mexico my zip code is 77400 Isla Mujeres Quintana Roo Mexico