FS: Pre Wired Pcbs


Alright so i figured i could help out the people who are challenged when it comes to using a soldering iron. i am experienced at soldering and wiring electronics since it is involved in my hobby.

PS1 pad: $25.00+shipping

PS1 Dual Shock pad: $30.00+shipping

MadCatz Xbox 360 pad: $40.00+shipping

Case Install 45+Controller+shipping
If you are to busy to install the controller in your case or dont know how you can now send it in and i will do a install on it.

Send in your own pad: $15.00+shipping
there are limits to what you can send in. pm me for info

Add a wire harness: $6

Add Qds( pick your size ): $3

I will only take 3 orders at a time so i don’t get overwhelmed and not able to ship them all out. Also i will post if I am not able to wire any controllers and if there is one listed please do not PM me with a request for one.

I accept both paypal and money orders now.
You must have a verified paypal account to send me payment via paypal! if you dont do the money order. I wont be taking controllers back unless they dont work on arrival(send it back and i will fix it for free and pay for shipping). this rule doesn’t apply for international shipping. I Will NOT be issuing refunds to any order after a payment is sent. if your package does not arrive i will send you a copy of the receipt and call it that. NO REFUNDS.

Orders: 0/3

Status of orders:


PS2 Controllers can’t be hacked. Also, do you have the controllers in stock or are we gonna have to send them to you?


They can be, but its extremely tedious and prone to failure, James claims he has a working hacked ps2 controller, I said I want pics ;), and a video, heheh.


pm’d about 360 one.


pm back

and you have to use very little solder with the pad and u must be fast with the soldering iron. i will hack another one tonight and take pics. also i can get the pcb for you or you can send me one. the price will drop if u send me one.

ok… i guess the first one i hacked was not a first party. so i am going to look at the first party pad right now and see what i can do. the plastic part goes to the real pcb which i can solder to i just need to trace the traces to see what button they go to.

EDIT: ps2 pad has been removed because its really hard to hack… i got all the traces figured out and i started soldering wires but they are 2 close together. maybe i can do them later with 30gauge wire but they are removed for now.


May you please post pics of your 360 hack?


sorry evilsamurai i currently do not have any pictures of pcbs that i have wired. as soon as i get one wired up i will post it though.


Ya deff goin to be interested in some xbox 360 pcbs! :wgrin: (will shoot you a pm later)


Me and another guy posted picks in the padhacking thread already. Check there.


PM’d order.


I want to see what his wiring looks like, not how to hack the pad.


I’d definately be interested in 3 wired PS1 PCB’s :sad:


Nice man I appreciate you doing this for me.


pms replied and all slots full… ive over packed lol 4/3

Orders closed till i get all those pads out.


Thanks a lot man I appreciate this.


i got the pads today blackbond but i havent got the payment yet. also they are both A series pads. i will start wiring them when i get the payment


woot on my pad almost being done. Fast work sir very fast.


i forgot my soldering iron at the shop today so i will have it soldered up tomorrow and maybe i will have pics tomorrow night.


What are A Series Pads? Your money order should most likely show up early next week if you haven’t received it already. No mail on Sunday :mad:


hopefully next week, i’ll be able to grab a pre-wired dual shock pcb. i’ll let you know when the time comes. is that alright?

say…are you from fremont, ca? or fremont, somewhere else?