FS: prehacked PS PCB with 1 to 1 button programming (still available)

For sale:
1 digital playstation PCB with switches allowing the 6 main buttons of the controller to be reprogrammed to all eight button: X, square, circle, triangle, R1, R2, L1, L2. - $25 shipped OBO

It lacks diodes so it will only work correctly if you program one PS button to each push button. You will run into problems if you have a multi-button assignment that overlaps with another button. Also because of the way it was wired and the way the PCB was cut, it would not be possible to rewire it with diodes without taking everything apart and getting a new board. Because of this I figure I will sell it and use the money to make a new one with the proper wiring.

The PCB also has a 5 pin connector to which a JLF, or any other stick can be plugged into. It has an 8 pin connector into which the wires for the push buttons get plugged into, and the QD is where the ground for the buttons is plugged.

The PCB is shown below, and also comes with:

Although it should go without saying, incase someone had doubts, the PCB has been tested and works properly with 1 to 1 programming.

Also, if someone wants, they can send their wires and I can set up the pin housings for them so that they wont have to deal with the crimp pins. Its possible that I could set up the housing for the buttons with some 22 gauge wire I have but I dont have an extra wire harness for a JLF so I cant set up the 5 pin housing with the harness unless you send it to me first.

Bump for price drop.

that’s real impressive chaos dragon :). You must have had a lot of spare time XD.

I see there’s another topic with a prehacked PCB thats getting so interest so I might as well bump mine back up since its been a while.

The item is still up for sale at $25 shipped or best offer. I have no use for it since I made another one that has the diodes required for multibuttons assignments, and I would like to at least make back part of what I spent to make this.

This PCB will work the same as a normal PS controller, only you will be able to change the button assignments with switches rather than having to move the wires around.

My friend’s making his first stick. I’ll see if he’s interested and pm you later.

Edit: Can you do the housing for a Happ comp stick and buttons? Or only for the JLF?

The housing for the buttons can be used for any buttons as long as the stick only has main buttons. It is set up to have 6 main buttons, start, and select. In wiring the housing I would put around 1’ or wire for each connection so all you or your friend would have to do is either add QDs on the end of the wires or just solder the wires to the terminals on the microswitchs.

The ground for the buttons is a single wire so you would still have to daisy chain the ground around all of the buttons. Though this is not very hard and I could throw in extra wire to cover that as well. But again you would need to get QDs or solder to connect them to the terminals.

For the stick, it can use any stick that doest require a power line since I did not wire that up on the controller. So pretty much anythin but a p360 or any other analog or optical stick can be used. Wiring it up for a happ would just mean that there would be wires the same as for the button housing where you would have to connect them yourself with QDs or solder and daisy chain the ground. The only reason I mentioned the JLF is because it comes with its own wiring harness which plugs into the stick, so all I would have to do for that is add the housing for the controller onto the other end.