FS: PS to DC converter

Rare Ps to DC converter, total control v2. $20 shipped within US. Paypal @ ToanNguyenT@Gmail.com. L1 is Assist 1 R1 assist 2
Sold Sold Sold

I’ve never heard of this converter, how does it perform when compared to the innovation one? any lag?

no lag or money back. trust me i know my marvel.

i have one of these, works flawlessly for dreamcast.

Does it have a switch or something to map to R1/R2?

R1/R2 are assist 2 if you press either of them.

I have a Total Control Plus and I can honestly say that they are the best ps2 to DC converters.

Innovation owns these shits, because it’s just as good, and you can hook up a PS/2 keyboard and a Saturn pad as well to play on DC with.
but I have NO problem agreeing that these ARE the DEFINITIVE second best PS 2 DC converter. No doubt in my mind.

If you still have it in a week, I’ll be interested in picking it up.

ill take it

i can send payment immediately

im convinced

sending payment

edit: payment sent :tup:

sold to shoo. shipping it tomorrow. thank you sir

ahhh another deal gone smoothly over srk

thanks totaltoanage :tup: