FS: PS1 - Bust A Groove, Rival Schools

Both of the games prices include shipping in the US only.

Bust A Groove - Dance Sim - US Version - Complete - $35
Case has crack in it. Normal wear and and scratches on the jewel case. Backing and cover instruction book indluded. Disc has light scratches.

Rival Schools - Fighting - US Version - Complete - SOLD
Back of the case has a crack in it. Both discs are included. All covers and insturction booklet included. CD’s have very llight scratches in them.

$90 for both.

Paypal Only.

Contact me if your interested.

Thanks for looking.

price dropped.

You do know you can replace the case for Rival Schools with any regular cd case and it will fit… No reason to turn possible customers off by saying it’s cracked, just put another case in…

I’m an honest person. Don’t like to cheat people. And Rival Schools has been sold.