FS: PS1 Games, Blu Ray, Paintball Gun

Trying to sell a few games prices for the games are minus shipping.


Final Fantasy IX (non Greatest Hits dont know if it ever was sold like that or not) in original Case Good Working Condition. $15 OBO

Metal Gear Solid 1 (Greatest Hits Version) $12 CDs are in Good Working condition in Original Case (Case hinge (sp?) slightly broken but cd are FINE) OBO

PS3/Blu Ray

Spider Man 3 $20 OBO

PaintBall Gun

One of you guys may be in need (or know someone in need) of a good quality paintball gun (mint played like 5 games)

Looking to Sell a

Spyder TL Plus, 20 ounce CO2 tank, Scope, 3 side strap 100 refill hoppers and 2 masks 1 JT the other is 32 degrees. Again everything is in excellent condition

Im looking for $100 + shipping for everything. OBO

Thanks for the help guys let me know if you need pictures and are interested.

Bumpity shmupity

pics of the paintball gun?

Wow sorry didnt see that you posted on this do you still need pics for the gun and accesories?


Price now $100 plus shipping for the paintball gun and accesories

I might want that MGS for my friend… i’ll let you konw.

I also linked him to the sale, and he might register on the forum and reply. His name is Kevin.

Fashizzle let me know asaply

he said he’s interested, but he’s gotta get to his computer to make a post. i called him up and he said definitely send him the link

for whatever reason, no gamestops or game stores or video stores have that game… they’re flooded with VR missions, but he’s been looking for it. he’s never played any of the MGS games… lamer.

I used to manage a gamestop from '06-'07 they shouldnt even be selling ps1 games anymore. anyway PM sent

Bump Some new lowered prices