FS: PS1 Pads - DualShock1 and Digital

Okay guys, I have a bunch of pads for sale. I’d rather sell these in pretty big bulks, but the very smallest order I will mail is 2 controllers.

These are ALL first party Sony brand and they ALL work perfectly for hacking purposes. I tested them all to make sure all 8 action buttons, start, select, and directions work using my Pelican converter to my PS3.

PayPal preferred (only confirmed addresses please) or USPS money order. Paik4Life at aol.com is my PayPal.

Current Stock:

Digital: 0
DualShock (normal): 0
DualShock (solderless hack): 0
Hori Digital: 0
Hori Dual Shock: 0

Sony First Party

2 Digital pads (complete) = $16 shipped
2 DualShock pads (complete) = $26 shipped

Special request:
2 Solderless DualShock (complete) = $32shipped

Hori 3rd Party

2 Digital pads (complete) = $12
2 DualShock (complete) $16

If you want to order 10 or more, let me know and we’ll work something out since I can put a good amount into a flat rate priority mail box.

Questions, comments, feel free. I will NOT be offering a hacking service because frankly I had pad hacking. : )


can i reserve 2 digital pads, maybe 4

i can send payment tonight


I have enough right now where reserving would be unnecessary, but rest-assured, your pad are held.


What is the exact difference between digital and analog, for which games exactly it would make a difference?

Also sent you a IM, ;).

The difference is that many believe the DualShocks have better compatibility with converters. I have ONLY found this to be true with PS -> USB/PS3 since a lot of times you need the analog button on the DualShocks to activate the controller through the converter.

That being said, I tested ALL the pads on PS3 with the Pelican converter and had no problems at all. That’s just a testament to how nice the Pelican converter is and how others are crap.

For those of you who have paid, the pads go out tomorrow and you will receive a PM from me with delivery confirmation #.


valkyrie profile 2: silmeria REQUIRES a digital controller to work from an HDD (hdloader or hdadvance, etc). some other games require them but i dunno which.

just a little side note on the difference

Great prices, wish I had found this last week.

: / Sorry, man. If you need some in the future, you will know where to get them (unless I run out…)


pm sent.

PM replied. Also, third round of orders went out July 3rd. So if you haven’t gotten a delivery confirmation # from me, let me know. Most of them should be delivered by tomorrow.


Fourth round went out today, fellas. PC1X1 yours goes out tomorrow.


got anymore of the dualshock ones left?

Yes I do.


I’ll take a pair of the complete ones! Payment will be via paypal tonight =D

EDIT: Payment sent!! I included my SRK ID in the comments.

Got it, man. It’ll go out Monday along with some other orders.


Hey Paik do you have anymore dualshock pads left? I maybe interested in buying 2.

Indeed I do. For future reference, I have pads in stock unless I edit the first post to say “low on stock” or “no stock” completely.


Awesome I’ll let you know this week if I want to order two. Thanks for getting back to me.

robotchop and rcaido, your pads are already in the mail. Expect them in 2-3 days.


awesome thanks a lot!!